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It’s easy to get frustrated when your car doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to. When your car does something funny or unwanted, it’s a possible indicator that there is a deeper problem.
You can save yourself some time and a headache by being familiar with common warning signs, and by always taking it into the shop when something comes up. Consider some of the most common indicators, listed below.



  • $65 an hour
  • 1 hour charge for discovery and diagnostics 


Engine misfires

‘Misfire’ can be attributed to the partial combustion process that occurs inside the cylinder. It can happen due to a variety of reasons one of them being faulty or inferior spark plugs. Spark plugs are a critical part of the combustion engine, so if they are faulty or worn-out they can also cause low fuel economy, slow acceleration and trouble starting the vehicle. Most spark plugs on an average should stretch to over 100,000 miles.

Engine air filter that is clogged

From our experience, a clogged filter is more likely to decrease acceleration rather than fuel economy. Filters get grimy when they collect dirt, pollen, and other debris gradually over time. You wouldn’t notice it right away but after a period of time, it has the effect of slowing down the acceleration of your vehicle considerably. For this reason, not cleaning or replacing your filter on a regular basis, as needed, could cause your engine a lot of damage.

Harmful deposits

Majority of the modern cars that utilize low-priced, non-branded gasoline tend to cause expensive damage- either chronic or deadly, to their car’s engine. They can cause hazardous deposits to form on the combustion chambers, intake valves or fuel injectors which can seriously affect the drivability of your vehicle. In this case, Tune Tech recommends a fuel system cleaning, by either an auto repair shop or a pour-in fuel additive.
Check engine light is flashing: When something is wrong in the emissions control system the CEL signal gets illuminated. But based on the issue at hand it could also influence engine performance or the fuel economy. We would strongly argue that you don’t ignore it. A common cause of this symptom is damaged or loose gas caps but sometimes it could be indicative that the oxygen sensor which calculates the quantity of unburned oxygen in your car’s exhaust system needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, even if it doesn’t trigger the CEL, an old oxygen sensor, though it continues to function well enough, could still affect fuel economy. Internal problems like worn piston rings, valves the don’t sit well or a clogged exhaust system have a detrimental impact on the engine’s performance.

More Symptoms

Engine lights come on
Fuel economy
Brake problems
Rough shifting
Vibrations or shaking

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